The Benefits of Lost and Found Software for Universities and Colleges

Universities are busy places. There is a lot of coming and going. People are moving from one class to the next. They also frequent the hangouts between classes and are all over the campus. When people are this busy some of their personal items may get lost. A person may take their coat off and forget it. Students lose their briefcases and bags all of the time. There can be some personal information or items of sentimental value that accidentally get left behind. Many universities have lost and found boxes but people may not know where they are located to check for items. Universities can help students and other visitors get their items back. Los and found software make it easy to post and manage items that have been lost and turned into the university.

Manage Items in One Place

Universities are large places. They may stretch out for miles. In all of the buildings, there may be differently lost and found boxes. RepoApp is a software that allows the university to have all of their items in one place. They can post the item online along with a description. This will allow them to track the items that people are losing and the locations where they are found. This way if a person has lost something they will know exactly where to pick it up.

Easy to Use

RepoApp is one hundred percent online. It is based on the website and it is interactive. There are no software programs that are needed and nothing will need to be downloaded in order to have access to this program. There are different features that can be customized. This program can also be viewed on mobile devices. It can be up and running in no time at all.

Great Features

The RepoApp for lost and found has some great features. Pictures of the items can be added. This allows for easier identification. If a person claims lost items this information will be posted on the site. There can be auto match features posted for items and for the claims. If needed a report on the data can be formulated for various purposes.

Affordable to Use

This program is easy to use and will not cost a lot of money. The subscription fee is low and this will include the entire university. There are no fees for transactions or posting the items. There is no fee to maintain this site. When the program is updated and new features become available they will be provided at no extra cost.

Benefits of Using RepoApp

There are many benefits to both the students and the university when they decide to use the RepoApp. There are lost and found management teams that will match the claim with pictures as well as descriptions of the items. This will reduce the chance of the wrong person picking up the lost item. Everything that is found will be posted with the location that the items was found and the location on the campus where it is being kept. This program will increase the rates at which the items are returned to their owner. This will reduce the amount of storage space that is needed to keep the lost items. The data will be up to date. If something is returned to the owner as soon as this is posted in the system it will be updated and the post will be taken down. Students are able to access this program on their mobile device. This makes it easy to look for their lost items while they are on the go or even between classes.

Easy Searching

RepoApp makes it easy for a student to search for their lost items. They are able to search by category or by the keyword. They can use other search options or even the date so they can quickly locate their item.
This lost and found system can help a university assist student in getting their belongings back. This program is easy to use and easy to maintain. Students can visit their website and search the lost and found. They will be able to know where their lost item is located so they can get it back without a hassle.

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