How to Eliminate Liability from Mishandling Lost Property, While Modernizing Your Lost and Found Department and Reuniting More Property With Their Rightful Owners

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Case Study: Full Sail University Prevents Liability From Handling Lost Property, and Returns More Items to Owners


Interview with Scott Lynch, Director of Security

"[RepoApp] prevents liability. We've had no claims of stealing stuff or mishandling things. Everything is documented. It leaves a paper trail. It gives us that layer of protection.

I've been here for five years and we've never had one accusation or complaint about chain of custody... It has to be pure and [RepoApp] gives us that."

- Scott Lynch, Full Sail University, Director of Security


  • Uncertainty regarding legal liability when handling lost property
  • Lack of documentation related to lost property, resulting in low accountability
  • Unable to efficiently track, store, and release lost property to owners


  • Returning more property back to the rightful owners
  • Protected legally and liability prevented
  • Zero accusations of mishandling or stealing property
  • Zero complaints about chain of custody
  • Everything related to lost property is properly documented
  • Increased accountability from having a paper trail of users’ activities

Case Study: Adelphi University Improves the Accountability of its Lost Property Intake Process


Interview with Gerry Lennon, Sergeant of Public Safety & Transportation

"I like the program. It's a very easy program to work with. If I can handle it on a computer, basically anyone can."
- Gerry Lennon, Adelphi University, Sergeant of Public Safety & Transportation


  • No system for the intake, management, or returning of lost property
  • Lack of accountability when dealing with lost property
  • Fear of legal liability when handling lost property


  • Increased accountability and security by capturing detailed information on property found & returned
  • Legally protected against accusations of theft or mishandling of lost property
  • Reduced time spent on logging lost property

Case Study: Algonquin College Simplifies its Lost and Found Process


Audio Interview with Lianna Goudlen, Security Services Administrator

"Storage is a huge issue for us... One thing that I really like as the primary user for [RepoApp] is I know when I can start clearing out items because we do hold items for 60 days."
- Lianna Goulden, Security Services Administrator, Algonquin College


  • Lack of system for the lost and found department
  • Unable to efficiently clear inventory


  • Set up integrated lost and found system on multiple computers that has live updates
  • Simplified entire lost and found process, with inventory numbers assigned to each item and each item being searchable based on item or description
  • Able to do mass clear-outs of inventory of expired items, resulting in much better storage management

Case Study: Security Team at Hospital Installs Complete Accountability and Security in Lost and Found

Security Team Loves RepoApp



  • No system for tracking lost property
  • Unable to monitor the amount of time items were kept or document when they were picked up


  • Complete accountability and security by capturing detailed information on property found & returned
  • Eliminated time spent on logging lost property in spreadsheets and paper binders
  • Compliant with all regulations

Who This Is For

You are a security professional who wants to better manage lost property at your organization

You are concerned about liabilities that may arise from mishandling lost property

You want to protect yourself from liability, complaints, or accusations

You are struggling with tracking the large amount of pieces of lost property turned in

You are unable to monitor the amount of time property is kept or when property is picked up

You are annoyed at dealing with spreadsheets, papers, and phone calls to run your lost & found department

If you are trying to increase accountability with visitors and within your lost & found team

The Core Concept

Here’s the truth: you can eliminate liability from mishandling lost property, while modernizing your lost and found department and reuniting more property with their rightful owners.

However, most security professionals lack the time and knowledge to implement a proper lost and found system that can manage hundreds or thousands of pieces of lost property, while eliminating risk from liability.

RepoApp is the #1 firm in the world at helping security professionals solve this problem.

Benefits of Using RepoApp

You will eliminate any liability from lost and found

You will be able to make your lost & found program much more efficient, saving 50% of your staff’s time or more on lost & found

You can finally get rid of the stress and headache from managing lost & found items on spreadsheets and notepads

You can increase the percentage of lost items that get returned to their rightful owners

You can forget about taking tons of phone calls and email inquiries about lost items

You will feel empowered because you are responsible for providing a better visitor experience, which will leave a lasting positive impact

Feature Rich

Power search
Power search

Search using keywords, categories, storage date ranges and other options to quickly find lost & found items.

RepoAPP - Power search
Manage lost & found items
Integrate with your website
Manage customer claims
Mobile device friendly
Capture photos


What software is required to run RepoApp?

RepoApp is 100% web-based. No download is required, and RepoApp is compatible with modern web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, IE9+).

Can I host RepoApp within my network?

RepoApp is not available for local or internal hosting.

Can I share my RepoApp account with other locations?

Unfortunately, no. An account is limited to managing lost & found items at a single hospital. Each additional hospital requires a separate account.

Can I share my RepoApp account with other locations?

Encryption at rest is AES-256, block-level storage encryption. Encryption in transit is SSL/TLS 1.2.

How will RepoApp benefit my organization?

Just to name a few: appear organized in front of visitors, save time managing lost & found items, and track history of changes and log customer claims.

Who uses RepoApp?

Hundreds of users from multiple industries use RepoApp. Industries include Hospitality (hotels, motels, restaurants, cafes, etc), Transportation, Recreational, Education, and Facility Management to name a few.

As a medical center, we are also subject to HIPAA privacy regulations. What features are in place to allow us to manage the retention and deletion of data within the application?

You can purge records from the database to meet your data retention policies.

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