If you are managing a hotel, motel or resort, you probably aware about the large number of items lost by guests in the rooms each day.

A survey by Kelton Global revealed that 54 percent of the guests acknowledge they have inadvertently left something behind sometime during recreational or business trips.

Even a temporary loss of these things causes anxiety for guests and a recovery and storage challenge for resorts, hotels, motels and other lodging establishments. For most hotels, lost and found department is just a cabinet or aisle of boxes with a bunch of things jumbled inside. There is no real system in place, which makes searching for a certain item in it a stressful and time-consuming project. Chances are good that any employee rummaging through it will pass right over what they are looking for, leaving your guests disappointed.

Hotels are eager to reconnect possessions with guests knowing it is a sure way to build brand loyalty. Using lost and found software for hotels to make reunions of lost items with their rambling owners is easier and results in relieved guests and satisfied lodging proprietors.

With RepoApp Lost and Found Software for Hotels:

simplify the entry and management of lost items (auto-match items & claims, attach photos, print labels and more)

streamline the work of lost and found department and save hours for your team

increase return rates

reduce and virtually eliminate shrinkage

guests can submit their claims directly from your website

personnel can manage lost items from any device, including phone and tablet

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