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lost and found software for hotels

Why is lost and found software for hotels important

Traveling for business or for pleasure is on many people’s agendas year round, but one thing most travelers do not care to include on their itinerary is leaving essential or valuable items behind when they check out. Even though it is not on the typical to-do list a survey by Kelton Global revealed that Motel 6 and Studio 6 properties report that 54 percent of their guests acknowledge they have inadvertently left something behind sometime during recreational or business trips. Sometimes the items have mostly sentimental value but often the things guest fail to pack up are intrinsically valuable like cell phones and wallets or hard to replace like passports or dentures.

Even a temporary loss of these things causes anxiety for guests and a recovery and storage challenge for resorts, hotels, motels and other lodging establishments. Individuals reportedly are willing to pay up to $90 or more in costs to recover and have shipped to them their abandoned items. The hospitality industry is eager to reconnect possessions with guests knowing it is ethically correct and a sure way to build brand loyalty. Creative solutions using lost and found software for hotels or social media are making reunions of lost items with their rambling owners easier to plan and execute, resulting in relieved guests and satisfied lodging proprietors.

Responsible hotel and lodging management with lost and found software for hotels

Responsible hotel and lodging owners and travelers are excited about Repoapp lost and found software for hotels, a brilliant solution to the problem of bringing forgetful guests and their lost personal possessions back together. Hospitality professionals who have relied upon frantic phone calls from patrons and scribbled notes from housekeepers and overwhelmed managers find the streamlined interface of Repoapp a much needed upgrade in the hotel lost and found department. Guests who are inconvenienced or perhaps devastated by a loss can take control and responsibility when they discover their mistake, using software to connect with their hosts to manage and resolve the situation.

The feature-rich lost and found software for hotels permits guests and innkeepers to report and endless inventory of items gone missing. Travelers can review items their recently vacated lodgings have found and hotel staff can reconcile clothing, toys, jewelry, personal care and other objects discovered after check out and during cleaning with inquiries made by departed guests. A matching function automates much of the system allowing hospitality workers to attend to the needs of current customers while still meeting the search requests of bereft former visitors.

Hoteliers who sign up for the lost and found software for hotels can record and track items and requests from patrons with easy to use options that provide businesses with a clear chain of custody and proof of reuniting items with owners. Affordable and priceless at the same time, use of this type of lost and found software for hotels demonstrates a commitment to the best customer experience for lodging guests past, present and future. Travelers who know they can rely upon a hotel or other temporary residence to find, report and return their lost or left items will return again and also will recommend the lodging and the chain to friends, family and colleagues. When the process to recover forgotten possessions is quick, simple and balanced between patrons and business the software that makes it happen is essential to a well-run lost and found system.

The wise use of other online connections can also reunite a guest with something left in the rush of packing and moving on. Hotels are advised to make good but cautious use of Facebook, Twitter and emails to help reduce their found item inventory but to always keep in mind the privacy of their previous guests. One of the benefits of a patron-driven search system is that guests who have left possessions at a property are completely in control of whom receives information about their followup to find lost items.

As software evolves to meet the needs of today’s vacationers and businesspeople the niche of a lost and found software for hotels and guests will expand. Individuals who are more comfortable with handling all types of business online, millennials and younger, will profit from a software solution to their lost items. Older hotel patrons are most likely to carefully scope out a room before leaving but younger guest are more likely to backtrack to retrieve a lost item. Although political preferences and age may slightly affect decisions to replace a left item rather than seeking return it is clear that the availability of a seamless system to match owners with possessions will benefit host and guest.

Hotels will have fewer caches of clothing, toiletries, electronics, jewelry and personal care items and guest will breathe more sighs of relief as they recover their daily basics and unique treasures. Staff will have more time to make stays pleasant and guest will make memories and not follow-up phone calls. Investing upfront in a quality software designed to bring owners and their things back together is an obvious decision for the intelligently run business. The applications available already use mobile technologies as well as desktop interfaces to meet guest and host needs even on the go.

The time has come to simplify and improve the lost and found experience for both proprietor and guests. Hotels, resorts and other lodgings that choose a quality lost and found software solution for hotels to this perennial problem will find their reputations enhanced and customer loyalty increased. Travelers will seek out accommodations that make every aspect of a stay comfortable, including any post-departure details that used to be nagging irritations but now have speedy resolutions when a technological savvy host offers inspired solutions like lost and found matching online applications. Leaders in the hospitality business will avail themselves and their guests this effective and constantly improving technology.

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