Lost and Found Management Software Helps Building Guest Loyalty

repoapp lost and found management software

Are you interested in building loyalty with your guests or customers? While there are a number of smart ways to foster loyalty, implementing lost and found management software is both quick and easy.

Lost and Found Management Software is perfect for winning over guests and making certain they return again and again.

RepoApp makes managing lost and found property, as well as customer claims, much more simple. It is only natural for someone to be disappointed and upset when they lose something. In fact, even though it is not your business’ fault, it often leaves a bad taste in their mouth that can destroy their loyalty.

What if there was a better way to keep track of what you have found and who has called looking for something they have left behind? Now, there is! Best of all, it can completely change the course of guest services, while also enhancing a guest’s experience.

Take a minute and think about how your lost and found department currently works. For most businesses, this department is just a cabinet or aisle of boxes with a bunch of things jumbled inside. Let’s face it. It’s an absolute mess with no real system in place, which makes searching for a certain item in it a stressful and time consuming project. Chances are good that any employee rummaging through it will pass right over what they are looking for, leaving your guests disappointed.

It’s time for a change, right?

Before we examine how RepoApp will completely change your lost and found department, let’s take a minute to look at what guest loyalty means. It means that an increasing number of guests will be returning to your business, which will leave you feeling great and looking good. You, your guests, and your employees will all have peace of mind.

Now, let’s look at how RepoApp Lost and Found Management Software works.

Inventory Items and Track Claims: RepoApp is an easy to use software program that allows you to keep an inventory of any lost items that you have found. (You can even attach a picture of the item.) You also have the ability to track customer claims.

Search Capabilities: When a customer calls or comes by looking for something they have left behind, you will be able to search for the item using a variety of search parameters, including categories, dates, and keywords.

Manage Claims: In addition to capturing the initial information, you are able to add notes and flag claims.

Integrate With Your Website: Here’s one of the best parts! You can integrate the software with your business website and give customers the ability to glance through lost and found items themselves or submit a claim through your website.

You Choose: It’s entirely up to you who has access to the program and exactly what they are able to do it, from read-only to admin access. You can also view a detailed history of any updates made, including who made the change and when they did it.

Mobile Friendly: Tablets and smart phones are able to access key features.

Essentially, you will finally have a lost and found department that actually makes sense. Best of all, it is so simple that anyone can use it. Here are a few more benefits of using Lost and Found Management Software.

• It’s paperless, but you also have the ability to print receipts to keep track of your guests and what items they have lost.

• You can quickly and easily identify where the item is stored. No more rummaging through boxes!

• It allows you to efficiently manage found items to ensure they get back to the correct owner.

• You can quickly learn the status of lost and found items.

• You’ll have all the important documents and images you need in one place that you can access at any time.

• By giving guests the ability to submit their claims from the comfort of their own home, it will also make things much easier for you and your employees.

RepoApp’s Lost and Found Management Software will completely change your lost and found department for the better. In addition to making life easier for you and your employees, it increases the chances of your guests getting their things back, which while have a positive impact on their loyalty. It’s a win-win situation!

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