Checklist for Choosing Lost Property Software

checklist for lost property software

Why Is Choosing Lost Property Software Important

Have you been searching for a simple and cost effective way to enhance your customers experience while building their trust and faith in your company ? As you know their patronage and loyalty is at the core of what drives your business to be the success that it is today. Maintaining that is crucial. One of the key factors that many managers do not realize is that when people lose items at your facility it can ruin their entire experience.

You have worked far too hard to make your customers happy in every other way to let this negatively affect your business. The way in which your staff handles the situation will greatly impact the overall experience. They certainly need to keep in mind that the walk to the lost and found department is not a pleasant experience for your customers. In fact it is giving them more time to think about the fact that their item may be lost forever.

Lost property software providers understand this situation all too well. They know that it is critically important to deal with it as quickly and efficiently as possible in order to return your customers to having the good time that they came to your facility for in the first place. Lost property software exists for all types of properties including hotels, motels, universities, music and sports venues, convention centers, ski resorts, theme parks, multiple housing units, and more.

The days of using spreadsheets to handle this problem are over. The appropriate lost property software will assist you in avoiding the negative effects on your bottom line. That being said it is imperative that you use the best system to fit your needs. There are five major factors to consider when choosing the best lost property software for your business, as you will see in the checklist below.

  1. Simplicity

When lost and found claims are submitted the process should be as simple as possible. This will not only save time for your customers, a fact that they will greatly appreciate, it will also make your staff more productive. With Repoapp, your staff members will have access to an easy to use electronic interface in order to efficiently enter your customers’ information. In addition your guests have the ability to submit their claims directly through your website if they are off of the property, saving time for everyone involved by avoiding the need to use old school methods such as the phone. Repoapp even has customizable interfaces and forms to fit your exact needs. Whenever a matching item is located your guest will be notified by email in order for them to reclaim it.

  1. An Easy Way To Track Item Details

Lost property software should have the ability to store all of the item details in one accessible place. These details should include the customer’s name, item name, the date it was lost, and the approximate area it was lost in. Repoapp provides you with the added ability to attach pictures from iPhone/iPad to the record as well.

  1. Robust Report Capabilities

The ability to provide comprehensive analytical data and accurate reports are a must when choosing the best lost property software for your business. If the system cannot generate the proper reports that provide valuable statistics to help you make decisions, there is absolutely no point to it. The point is that analyzing data from your lost and found department needs to be an uncomplicated task.

Repoapp contains a wide variety of valuable reports to pick from such as the Items and Claims Activity Report, Disposition Report, Container Report, Category Report, Deleted Items Report, and Released Items Report. They enable you to effectively track the performance of your lost and found department by providing you with detailed information regarding its inner workings. The end result is a vast improvement of your customers experience and loyalty.

  1. Supported Platforms

Your lost property software should be seamlessly accessible from a multitude of platforms. Repoapp is a cloud-based software that works with all operating systems, and does not require installation on your mainframe system. It works remotely on all smartphones and tablets as well.

  1. Hidden Fees and Pricing

There are many lost property software providers that claim to have free access to their products. However you end up paying far more in lapel printing, customer service fees and shipping costs. We all know that in this world nothing is truly free. Repoapp has a clear and transparent pricing structure with absolutely zero hidden fees or other unnecessary charges. You will know exactly how much this investment will cost you upfront.


If you follow the above checklist when choosing your lost property software, your company will benefit greatly. It is an inexpensive method in which to assist your lost and found department, which will in turn lead to happier customers. To recap, select a system that makes it easy for your staff to input data or provides your customers the ability to report lost items directly from your website.

In addition the lost property software should contain the tools to easily match lost items to found items, email or print receipts and or storage tags, and analyze the digital records in a manner that will help you effortlessly determine your lost and found departments performance. If you are looking for a cost effective solution to increase your return to owner ratio, than give the Repoapp Lost Property Software System a try. This cutting edge technology is sure to improve your customer service experience, and will increase your bottom line.

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