Students have a habit of losing, leaving or misplacing their items. While someone would think that most of these items amount to clothes, keys, and mobile phones, the list of lost property is much more interesting than that.

If you're in charge of lost and found at your University (as a lost and found department manager), you're probably well aware of the sheer amount of items that are lost by students each and every day. You're probably also looking for a better solution.

Why Students Need a Better Lost and Found Software System in Universities

Students are exceptionally busy the entire year, so it is common for them to lose a few things. And while the list of lost property seems to be a little ridiculous, in all the hustle and bustle involved, most students do misplace or forget their things, and they dearly want them back.

The systems that most Universities use to keep track of lost student belongings is often antiquated, completely handwritten, or out of date (i.e. spreadsheets). Items are found and put in the lost and found department, that is typically staffed by students, and sometimes the found items disappear due to shrinkage.

Everyone in lost and found department wants to reconnect lost items with students, but it can be difficult. It's easy to skim over the item and it is time-consuming to find things that were misplaced.

Software that keeps track of all of these items ensures that everything that is lost is tracked effectively, making it easier to get everyone's stuff back to them.

RepoApp Lost and Found Software for Universities Save Your School Time and Money

Lost and found software uniquely categorizes and files information related to lost student property. This means that everything is in place, and the entire process of managing lost items is less stressful.

There are a wide variety of reasons why:

lost and found management teams can auto-match items to claims tickets, even attaching photos and labels to reduce confusion or faulty claims to the wrong people

everything that lost and found teams have to do to locate and store items is streamlined, cutting out hours of work for your team

practically eliminate long-term storage, minimizing shrinkage rate significantly and ensuring a higher rate of returned items to their rightful owners

students can find their stuff directly from their smartphone or laptop, minimizing call volumes to school management teams

lists are updated automatically guaranteeing that data is up to date (unlike many written lists)

because college campuses are so huge, items can be lost anywhere! RepoApp gives everyone the opportunity to post items immediately, no matter where they are on campus (rather than going to a specific office during operating hours)

It's time to make college lost and found convenient again. Because so many things are lost, they're of such a varied nature, and many can time sensitive; it's essential to invest in software that helps people find what they need faster. Students and staff both deserve an easier solution that puts all of the answers right in the palms of their hands.

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