Send Automatic Email Confirmations for Web Submitted Lost Item Claims


Lost Items Web Widget Enhancements.


Our customers that have been on the Premium or Enterprise plans, have had access to our Web widgets for some time.  Those include:

  1. The Public Item Search, which allows people to search found items directly from your website without having to call, email or come in person to the Lost and Found Department.
  2. The Public Claim Form, which allows people to submit a claim directly from your website again without calling, emailing or coming in to place the claim


We are pleased to announce enhancements to the Public Claim form functionality.

You are now able to send a confirmation email of the person who submitted the claim (if they did enter a valid email on the claim form)  as well as send a bcc copy of that email to a mailbox of your choice below are the added features:

Under ‘Users & Setting’ Select ‘Manage Web Integration’

You will see the following screen:

When you click ‘Send Claim Confirmation email’  The following options appear:

Just enter the bcc email you would like to receive all the confirmation emails.  This is an email box that will have a copy of the emails sent to the people who submitted the claims online.  This is optional and as was the case before every submitted claim through the web widget creates a claim under the Claims section so your agents can process and match to found items.


You can also optionally enter some footer text to the email.   For example instructions on how to follow up with your Lost and Found Department.

This feature is now available to all our customer that are subscribed to our Premium or Enterprise plans.

As usual if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us and we would be glad to answer questions you may have.

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