How Lost and Found Software Saved my Vacation

lost and found software

During a recent London vacation, my lovely wife, three daughters, and I found out firsthand how valuable Lost and Found Software truly is. Before looking at what Lost and Found Software is, let me give you a little bit of insight into the situation.

After several days of sightseeing, my wife and daughters decided it was time for some afternoon shopping. For everyone’s benefit, I opted to sit this trip out and made plans to meet up with them for dinner later in the evening. Hours later, we had just sat down for a delicious meal when my middle daughter realized that she could not locate the iPhone 6 she had received for Christmas a few months prior.

Immediately panic set in. Where in the world could she have left this expensive phone? Thankfully, the ladies had purchased something at almost every department store they went in, so my wife quickly pulled out her receipts and started frantically calling and asking for the lost and found department. After a couple of calls, she was once again explaining that it was an iPhone 6 in a case with pineapple prints and matching earphone. After a few seconds, she was told that the iPhone was, in fact, in this particular store. Using Lost and Found Software, the department store agent was able to determine that it was at the makeup counter.

Once she knew the phone was safe, my wife asked if we could pick it up in the morning, so as not to disturb dinner. The agent didn’t hesitate for a second before agreeing and telling my wife that the store would open at 10am. When she hung up, there was a tremendous sense of relief felt all around the table.

Had the store not had Lost and Found Software, there is no telling if we would have ever found her phone. If we had actually been successful, it would have only been because we cut our dinner short and took a taxi to each store they visited. Instead, we were able to locate her phone in a fraction of the time without all the added stress of traveling all over London to do it. Not only did we think very highly of the store, but we didn’t even feel bad about all high prices they had spent there.

So, what is Lost and Found Software?

Available under the name RepoApp, this software allows anyone to enter a found item into the RepoApp system. Depending on your process, the customer is contacted to make them aware that their item has been found. If not, the system is checked anytime a customer reports a lost item. This matches the item to the customer. Instead of employees spending a lot of time and effort going from one department to another to inquire about a lost item, they can simply look it up in the RepoApp system. If it has been found, they will know exactly where it is being held so that the customer can arrange to get it back.

There is no denying that Lost and Found Software is completely revolutionizing the lost and found process for the better. In fact, it saved our entire vacation!

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