The Ideal Lost and Found Software for Hotels

lost and found software for hotels

Why Lost and Found Software for Hotels Matters?

Every day, millions of people across the country opt to stay in hotels for a variety of different reasons. On a daily basis, due to being in a rush or just careless, a meaningful percentage of hotel guests tend to leave things behind in their assigned hotel rooms. When they are simple things like shampoo or soap, guests often don’t care much about retrieving them, but if they leave behind a cellphone or a very important document, they tend to get in contact with the hotel they stayed in, right away. Even the most organized traveler is vulnerable to forgetting things just moments before checking out.

Tracking Lost Items Is an Ongoing Matter

Now, this matter can be a hassle for the hotels’ staff because as soon as rooms become free, they are quickly being cleaned, ready to be available for the next arrivals; therefore, tracking down items and determining what belongs to who can be a hassle, and thus, this leaves zero chance for people to find their belongings.

Noteworthy Survey

According to a survey, which many hotels participated in, states that the most common items left behind are reading material, jewelry, laptops, vehicle and house keys, toiletries, dentures, hearing aids, glasses, clothes and chargers. Hundreds of these items end up being piled up at the hotel staff desks, which makes it impossible to sort things out.

RepoApp Lost and Found Software for Hotels at Hotels’ Service

How can this be solved? This used to be the million dollar question for numerous of hotels before RepoApp, lost and found software for hotels, was introduced on the market. This is a lost and found software for hotels that makes it easier to manage lost and found items. It allows organizations and businesses to better manage lost and found customer claims and property, all from one place. It has been receiving positive reviews left and right from establishments that are already putting it to good use.

RepoApp is fast and easy to utilize, as it is 100% interactive and web-based. There’s no need to download or install any software. One can customize to match one’s operations. It functions with mobile devices. One of the top reasons why this application has been able to garner the attention of establishments is due to its leading features. One can manipulate and run report data, view auto-matches of claims and items, add photos of items, and capture claims from one’s website. This application helps to save time. Users can auto-match items to claim. This helps to reduce mistakes and even theft. Everything can be managed from one place. It helps to improve the efficiency of your staff and thus saves valuable time.

Utilized by Prestigious Companies around the Globe

Some clients that are already utilizing this lost and found software for hotels to increase guest experience and loyalty are Westin Hotels & Resorts, Great Wolf Lodge, Trump International Hotels & Towers, JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Dorney Park, and Aramark. It’s very cost effective. At the moment, there’s no other application out there that provides such quality service in order for hotel staff and their guests to get back on track in a timely fashion manner when something is left behind.



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